We both think you are a truly special person for choosing adoption for your baby. Undoubtedly, this decision has been based on factors in your life, which only you know fully. Please know that whatever circumstances have brought you to this decision we understand it to be out of the tremendous love and respect for your child’s life; it is for this reason that we have the utmost respect for you.

 If we could only say one thing to you it would be that no matter what family you choose to raise your baby, we wish nothing but the best for you and your baby on this journey. We too have a path that led us here and we would like to share that with you. It is our hope that as you read about us, you may feel a connection or the desire to know more.

 We are very honest and open people who you can come to with any questions you may have. Our main goal is not to just adopt, but to adopt a baby only under conditions that feel right for all involved; particularly for you. However, we can assure you, should you decide we are the right family, your child will never be at a loss for love, affection and support throughout their entire life.

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Adoption is a Blessing and a Journey
Torin and Kim's Home
Our Home on the North shore of Long Island approximately 1 hour from NYC. We live in a beautiful home on 2 acres, in a cul de sac with many children and wildlife in the neighborhood. We absolutely love where we live and it is a great place to raise children.
We lead an active life from golfing at our nearby golf club to boating on the Long Island sound. We take annual family vacations that includes skiing or the ocean. We also have a large extended family that we are very close to and have an annual family reunion every Easter.

We both have our own businesses with offices 20 minutes from home, which gives us a lot of flexibility.  Be assured if you pick us to raise your little one, they will be given all the best opportunities life offers.  We are financially secure and enjoy whatever life has to offer. We are adventurous and believe life should be fun and spent with loved ones.
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